Meat consumption across Europe is declining due to a combination of three factors; environmental issues, a concern for animal welfare and concerns over personal health.

28% of people in Britain have reduced their meat consumption (Mintel 2017)

60% of Spanish consumers think plant protein is just as nutritious as animal protein (Mintel 2017)

48% of Italian consumers are reducing their meat consumption (Mintel 2017)

16% of German 25-34 year olds claim to be vegetarian (Mintel 2017)

20% of French consumers eat meat substitutes 2 – 3 times per month (Mintel 2017)

Gold&Green Foods is a cross cultural food tech company, selling and developing novel, delicious and sustainable plant protein foods. The company was founded in Finland by Maija Itkonen and Reeta Kivela in 2016 and is currently planning a UK launch.

Our preparations for UK launch focus around three main work streams; devising an effective marketing strategy for a novel product targeted at the millennial generation. Identifying potential customers and gaining product listings to drive sales growth. Finally, building a reliable and robust company infrastructure to supply food products into the UK. Key elements of this are selection of a warehouse and logistics partner and selection of a finance and administration partner.